Protect and Maintain Our Agricultural Preserve

In undeveloped (central and western) Palm Beach County, there is significant agricultural production, especially nurseries, truck crops (vegetables), and sugar cane. Palm Beach County has been called the "Winter Vegetable Capital" of the nation.

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Ban Supermarkets Use of Plastics

We must fight to keep our beaches and oceans clean.

“No doubt you have heard of the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and thought goodness, that’s terrible, someone should clean up that island of trash. Here is the real story: There is no island of trash (it’s more of a trashy soup), and the solution is to stop our trash – mostly made of plastic – from getting to the middle of the ocean. Solving the problems of marine debris and plastic pollution is a perfect example of the need to think globally and act locally. “
- Maggie Ostdahl, Sustainable Initiatives Manager, Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

End Homelessness In Palm Beach County

Develop a plan to end homelessness in Palm Beach County by 2023. A recent count identified 1,607 Palm Beach County “individuals and families” as homeless, up 11.5 percent from a count two years ago, county officials said. Therefore a comprehensive plan to eradicate homelessness is needed immediately.

End Wage Theft

Making it illegal for any employer to pay less than the amount of pay agreed upon by both employer and employee at the onset of the relationship. No illegal deductions shall me made from the employee’s pay.

Fight For $15 Minimum Wage

The minimum wage for all County employees should be at $15 per hour and any prime or subcontractor engaged by the County must pay his or her employees a minimum wage of $15 per hour. Even at $15 per hour, one can barely afford to rent a decent place to live in Palm Beach County. It is high time for a positive change in attitude toward workers.

Free College Tuition

As the Federal and State Government have declared war on the poor and middle class, we must stand in the gap to alleviate their burdens. Thus, a Palm Beach County resident family making less than $125,000 per year should pay $0 for tuition in colleges and universities within PBC.

Proper Treatment of Dogs

Just as the South Florida heat is unbearable to humans, it is to the dogs as well. Dogs kept outside may be unintentionally exposed to bitter cold temperatures in the winter and scorching heat in the summer. To protect your dog from harsh weather, provide a well-constructed doghouse. However, keep in mind that some breeds with very long or short coats cannot tolerate extreme outside temperatures even when provided with proper shelter. Also remember that if you have more than one dog, you need to provide a doghouse for each one.”

HSUS Dept: Tethering Flyer
2100 L St., NW Washington, D.C. 20037-1598

Save John Prince Park

Protection of John Prince Park from Development should be a priority and concern to all PBC citizens.
Size: 726 acres
Location: 2700 6th Ave S, Lake Worth
Hours: Sunrise-sunset
Phone: 561-966-6600
Why you must go: Another big park that has a lot to do and see. You may even spend the night! The park boasts a 48-acre campground. Golfers needing to brush up on their skills can go to the John Prince Golf Learning Center, which has practice holes, driving ranges and 42 hitting stations. There are playgrounds, canoeing and kayaking on a lake with 35,000 feet of frontage, fishing, boat ramps and more. (And, depending how things turn out, part of the park may become the new spring
training home of the Atlanta Braves.)

Protect Tenants' Deposits

Since Florida law does not limit how much security deposit a landlord may request, the County should limit it to an amount not to exceed the monthly payment. Moreover, the landlord must return the security deposit within 30 days, after the tenant has vacated and returned the keys.

Ban Conversion Therapy

Ban Conversion Therapy in Palm Beach County by denying occupational license to organizations engaged in such practice. Being LGBTQ is not a mental illness, thus making Conversion Therapy a complete fraud.

Paid Parental Leave

A twelve-week paid parental leave for any employee having or adopting a baby or fostering a child. If both parents work for the County, each should be entitled to this benefit, separately.

Senior Citizen Care

Senior citizens receiving housing aid should not be forced to live alone without a companion. They feel ostracized and put away to die. Loneliness kills them before any disease or old age. This policy must end.